Teen Choice SIP Summer Experience

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This summer, teens will have an opportunity to “ignite their sparks” to learn how they can serve the community at-large. Wake County’s 4-H Teen Choice-Sparks in Progress (S.I.P) program, a service learning, teen-focused group is planning a week-long summer experience for existing and potential participants of S.I.P. Choose either month, July or August, for your teens to learn beneficial skills and knowledge that will shape them to become better leaders in their community, through the gift of service. We put the autonomy in the hands of the teens to explore their sparks (interest) and work toward turning their sparks into service projects.

The topics we will be learning and executing are:

  • Working Together to Serve Together—Learning leadership and team-building skills.
  • Shades of Service—Learning the various ways of how to give back.
  • Community Challenges—Understanding the community issues that impact ones’ wellbeing and developing creative ways to serve the community.
  • Sparks to Service to Profit—Learning how to turn their various SPARKS in Service Projects and turn their Passion into a Profit.
  • “Sweat Equity”—Application! Teens will learn how to put all those leadership and team-building skills to work and serve the community!

Camps will be held July 10-14 and August 14-18 at the Crosby-Garfield Center.

Questions? Email Alicia Andrews at alicia.andrews@wakegov.com.