Supporting Local Food During COVID-19

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It’s more important than ever to support our local food community in North Carolina, even as we adhere to stay-at-home orders and practice good social distancing. All farmers and farmers markets are considered essential businesses, and therefore, are open and taking the necessary protocols to keep their customers safe. Consider the different ways you can continue to support and engage with our local food community during this time of quarantine.

Many farmers markets are open but have taken appropriate measures to change the way their customers and vendors interact. Whether it be pre-ordering all your food online or enforcing social distancing standards during your visit, farmers’ markets are doing everything they can to keep you and your favorite farmers safe! As always, buying directly from the farmer ensures you know where your food is coming from and your dollars go directly to support that grower. Not sure what farmers markets are open in your area during COVID 19? Check out the list.

If you’re unable or uncomfortable to go to a farmers market, there are other ways to get fresh, local food. One way is through a Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs) subscription. CSAs come in both year-round and seasonal pre-boxed vegetable subscriptions. Unlike farmers’ markets, all the food generally comes from one farm. If you want to find a CSA that fits your needs check out NC Farm Fresh or Local Harvest. Both websites will allow you to sort and find a CSA that is close to you. Additionally, you can look up local farm stands and direct-from-farm purchasing options in your area.

Many farms have taken it upon themselves to change the way they get their food to you during this current health crisis. The Carolina Farm Stewardship Association has facilitated gathering that information and collecting it on their website. Here, you can find a farm in your area where you can schedule an on-the-farm pick-up or home delivery. This way you can continue to practice social distancing while also supporting the vibrate local agriculture community in North Carolina.

Remember, no matter where you get your food, consider purchasing from local vendors or asking specifically for North Carolina products. Now is an important time to continue to support each other – from a distance.