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Horticultural Science

Tim AldertonResearch Specialist Horticultural ScienceHamid AshrafiAssistant Professor Horticultural ScienceJim Ballington, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDr. Jim Ballington, Jr.Professor Emeritus Horticultural ScienceLaura Barth, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionLaura BarthExtension Assistant Horticultural ScienceRoger Batts, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionRoger BattsResearcher Horticultural ScienceAngela BegleyAdministrative Support Specialist Horticultural ScienceBen Bergmann, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDr. Ben BergmannResearch Associate Horticultural ScienceSarah Blacklin, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionSarah BlacklinNC Choices Program Director Horticultural ScienceMargaret Bloomquist, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionMargaret BloomquistResearch Associate Horticultural ScienceChristine Bradish, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionChristine BradishExtension Assistant Horticultural ScienceLucy Bradley, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDr. Lucy BradleyUrban Horticulture Professor and Extension Specialist Horticultural ScienceWayne Buhler, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDr. Wayne BuhlerProfessor and Extension Specialist (Pesticide Education) Horticultural ScienceMarcello CappellazziExtension Assistant Center for Environmental Farming SystemsBernadette ClarkAgricultural Research Technician Horticultural ScienceChris ClavetResearch Specialist Horticultural ScienceBill Cline, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionBill ClineSpecialist (Blueberries, Muscadine Grapes) Entomology & Plant PathologyMark Clough, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionMark CloughResearch Scholar and Extension Associate Horticultural ScienceMaxton CollinsResearch Technician Horticultural ScienceNancy Creamer, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDr. Nancy CreamerProfessor and Extension Specialist, Director CEFS Horticultural ScienceAngel CruzAcademic and Extension Initiatives Manager Center for Environmental Farming SystemsJeanine Davis, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDr. Jeanine DavisExtension Specialist, Herbs / Organics / Specialty Crops / Vegetables / Hemp Horticultural ScienceLiz Driscoll, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionLiz Driscoll4-H Extension Specialist - Horticulture, Crop & Soil Sciences, & Entomology Horticultural ScienceBarbara Fair, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDr. Barbara FairExtension Horticulture Specialist and Associate Professor Horticultural ScienceGina Fernandez, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDr. Gina FernandezExtension Specialist (Small Fruits) Horticultural ScienceDr. Bill FontenoProfessor Horticultural ScienceCharlotte Glen, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionCharlotte GlenState Coordinator, NC Extension Master Gardener Program Horticultural ScienceChris Gunter, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDr. Chris GunterProfessor and Extension Vegetable Specialist Horticultural ScienceWilliam Hamilton, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionWilliam HamiltonNC Farmlink Co-Director - Western Region Horticultural ScienceLauren HillOffice Support Staff Center for Environmental Farming SystemsMark Hoffmann, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDr. Mark HoffmannSmall Fruits Extension Specialist, Assistant Professor, Strawberry and Grape Horticultural ScienceDaniel HollomanTemp Research Technician Center for Environmental Farming SystemsBrandon Hopper, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionBrandon HopperBusiness and Technology Application Technician Horticultural ScienceKatie Jennings, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDr. Katie JenningsAssociate Professor Vegetable and Small Fruit Weed Science Horticultural ScienceKristen Klett, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionKristen KlettProgram Assistant - Extension Master Gardener Horticultural SciencePhyllis Knight, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionPhyllis KnightAdministrative Support Specialist Horticultural ScienceTom Kon, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDr. Tom KonAssistant Professor: Southeastern Apple Research Specialist Horticultural ScienceJulia Kornegay, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDr. Julia KornegayProfessor, Director of Graduate Programs Horticultural ScienceBryce LaneLecturer Emeritux Horticultural ScienceAnthony LeBude, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDr. Anthony LeBudeNursery Crops Extension Specialist and Associate Professor Horticultural ScienceFrank Louws, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDr. Frank LouwsDepartment Head, Horticultural Science Horticultural ScienceNathan Lynch, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionNathan LynchResearch Specialist Horticultural ScienceRachel McLaughlinAdministrative Support Associate Horticultural ScienceLee Menius, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionLee MeniusTechnical Program Coordinator, NC Choices Horticultural ScienceWayne Mitchem, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionWayne MitchemSouthern Region Small Fruit Consortium Coordinator and Fruit Weed Management Horticultural ScienceKathleen Moore, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionKathleen MooreProgram Assistant Horticultural ScienceEmily Mueller, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDr. Emily MuellerExtension Assistant Horticultural ScienceMia MurphyOffice Support Staff Center for Environmental Farming SystemsJoe Neal, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDr. Joe NealProfessor of Weed Science, Extension Specialist & Department Extension Leader Horticultural ScienceAndra NusResearch Assistant Horticultural ScienceElizabeth OvercashChildren's Program Coordinator, JC Raulston Arboretum Horticultural ScienceIrene Palmer, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionIrene PalmerResearch Specialist Horticultural ScienceDilip Panthee, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDr. Dilip PantheeAssociate Professor Horticultural ScienceMichael Parker, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDr. Michael ParkerExtension Horticulture Specialist and Associate Professor (Tree Fruits / Pecans) Horticultural SciencePenelope Perkins-Veazie, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDr. Penelope Perkins-VeazieProfessor Horticultural ScienceAnn PiotrowskiResearch Specialist Horticultural ScienceAmber PolkCEFS Business Manager Center for Environmental Farming SystemsLuping QuResearch Specialist Horticultural ScienceNoah Ranells, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDr. Noah RanellsNC FarmLink Director - Eastern Region Horticultural ScienceTom Ranney, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionTom RanneyProfessor Horticultural ScienceElena Rogers, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionElena RogersArea Specialized Agent, Agriculture - Food Safety - Fresh Produce Western NC Serves 49 Counties and EBCIBased out of Horticultural Science Horticultural ScienceJonathan Schultheis, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDr. Jonathan SchultheisSpecialist, Sweetpotato / Curcurbits / Sweet Corn Horticultural ScienceDanesha Seth Carley, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDr. Danesha Seth CarleyAssociate Professor, Sustainable Managed Landscapes Horticultural ScienceRhonda Sherman, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionRhonda ShermanExtension Solid Waste Specialist (vermicomposting, composting, recycling) Horticultural ScienceRui ShiResearch Associate Horticultural ScienceEmily SilvermanResearch Technician Horticultural ScienceChip Simmons, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDr. Chip Simmons, IIIArea Specialized Agent, Agriculture - Food Safety Serves 51 CountiesBased out of Horticultural Science Horticultural ScienceArneisha SmallwoodExtension Assistant Center for Environmental Farming SystemsLeonora Stefanile, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionLeonora StefanileResearch Assistant Horticultural ScienceRobyn Stout, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionRobyn StoutNC 10% Campaign State Program Coordinator Horticultural ScienceDarren TouchellResearch Scholar Horticultural ScienceDrew Watson Center for Environmental Farming SystemsMark Weathington, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionMark WeathingtonDirector, JC Raulston Arboretum Horticultural ScienceDr. Todd WehnerProfessor Horticultural ScienceBrian Whipker, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDr. Brian WhipkerProfessor, Commercial Floriculture Production Horticultural Science